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Simplicious Restaurant & Lounge

Simplicious Resturant & Lounge have opened for business for about 4 months at least. But back then they were still building their menu and training their staff. Its my second time there. This time I was there and was given a delicious tasting of their offerings from the menu. 

The design of the place was quite nice. Its an old house renovated with a good style sense providing a good ambience to share a meal with your friends and loved ones. I was surprised that it was quite spacious inside. Normally houses converted to eateries are kind of small and cramped. These guys seem to have better planning. 

Note: While the place does NOT SERVE PORK, it is not hallal food establishement as they sell alcoholic breverages. 

All around the place you can find 'artifacts' from the past. Please pay no attention to the senget photos. It happens when I have not taken photos for a while. Calibration was off. :P

I kinda love this wall.  How every thingy was not exactly aligned yet it is still clean. Dont know how to describe it.

Beverages come from here. 

Thanks Yien Yien for extending the invite. Thanks Carol for having us!

Who else was there? Ah Lost, Yien Yien and Jaq (she was excited when they offered alchoholic drinks. She went, SAYA MAU!)

Also Jimmy (Jimmy, your site very slow to load la! Too many advertisement dy!)was there was well. 

Besides us the noisy bunch, there was a reporter and a photographer from the WOW book (who seems quite annoyed with us, sorry lo).

Pan Seared Norwegian Salmon.

Home Roasted Chicken.

Pan Seared Seabass

Beef Sirloin.

Lamb Rack. D e l i c i o u s ! ! !

Ceasar Salad with smoked salmon.

Wild Mushroom soup

Mashed potatoes. Looks can be decieving, very tasty.

Pasta Aglio Olio with turkey ham and mushroom

Pasta Tomato Sauce with assorted seafood

Thai Beef Salad. One of the most popular dish. Apparantly everyone except me have never tasted it. 

Giant Platter

Now for some mocktails. 

Minty Refresher

Honolulu Tango

Lychee Fizz. 

Jimmy hard at work.

Irish Ice Cream

Frutti Merry. Yummy. Yummy. Yummy.

Yien Yien promoting the imported alcoholic breverages available at Simplicious. 

Im so going to be killed for posting this photo.... x_X

I think she eally likes her drinks... Hmm...

Which one was good? Well thats up for personally preferences. 

After having a merry time drinking and eating. We went upstairs, to have a tour. MORE SPACE!


Whats this? DO NOT SIT!

Its actually the bed. Have not been screwed together properly yet. So, you have been warned!

Since your still here, there is going to be a HALLOWEEN PARTY this 29/10. Early birds tickets are RM 39.00 after that its RM 49.00.

For those who want to make inqueries below are the info you need. If you have special functions, remember to call and book early to avoid dissapointment.

Tel: +6082 253 813 

Addnress: No. 39, Jalan Pisang (off green road), Kuching, Sarawak.


Here is a map in case you dont know how to find it.

View Larger Map


See you there for the Halloween Party!



Gourmet October at Grand Margherita Hotel

It seems that Grand Margherita Hotel (GMH) is pulling all the stops for this month of October. If you are like me who enjoy Chinese Barbecue or as GMH calls it "XAO LUCK" you should head to Meisan Restaurant

Oven Baked Honey Glazed Chicken Roll

Oven Baked Honey Glazed Chicken Roll

Oven Baked Honey Glazed Chicken Roll

Before we get any further, the dishes were from two restaurants in GMH, namely Meisan Restaurant and Orchid Garden Coffee House. So if you see anything that is Char-broiled its from Orchid Garden Coffee House, from their STEAK YOUR CLAIM menu! Its happening for both lunch and dinner from Monday to Thursdays, try and catch me there ! If its anything Baked, or Roasted its from Meisan Restaurant's XAO LUCK menu. 

Char-Broiled Elephant Rib

I never heard of Charbroiled (shame on me, must get out more) before so this is what I found out from Wiki, the dictionary of the world

Charbroiling refers to grilling on a surface with wide raised ridges, to the point of having the food slightly charred in texture. This is often referred to simply as grilling in most places outside the US. The phrase "put it in the broiler" is translated as "put it over/under the grill."

Nevertheless this dish is as Eileen put it, sinful

Char-Broiled Elephant RibThe meat was soft and juicy. Excellent !

Roasted Duck Fillet & Duck Floss 'Cantonese Style'I could not decide which photo I like better, the one above or the one below. haha ! 

Roasted Duck Fillet & Duck Floss 'Cantonese Style'Well I wish the background was better, but we do what we can.

Roasted Duck Fillet & Duck Floss 'Cantonese Style'Roasted Chicken Fillet on Prawn CrackersRoasted Chicken Fillet on Prawn CrackersRoasted Chicken Fillet on Prawn CrackersChar-broiled Fillet SteakChar-broiled Fillet SteakChar-Broiled T-BoneChar-Broiled T-BoneSarawak Black Pepper Sauce, Homemade BBQ Sauce, Mushroom Sauce, Dijon Mustard, and English Mustard

Exclusive for the readers, if you want to enjoy the nice food don't forget to copy down this code "OCTPROMO10" and quote it to get 10% off the Xao Luck Fest & Steak Your Claim orders! 

See you at GMH!



Kuching Food Festival 2010

If you do not already know we have the Kuching Food Festival every year around August. And for the most part I do try to avoid it as best as I can. Why ? The parking is always horrible, and its nearly impossible to find seats, no matter how many tables and chairs were provided by the organisers.

This year tho I decided to have a go at it because there was a competition held by Pepsi & Sarawak Photo Arts Society (SPAS). 

1. Group PhotoI will not go into details about this years Kuching Food Fest 2010. I'm sure there are tones of material for you to read else were and I just do not want to be a bore. 

So instead I'll show you what I shot ;)

2. Mr Chin helping out at a friend's store3. Bubble tea anyone?4. Trade fair5. A friend at the trade fair6. Dont know why I like this pic a lot.. maybe I like satay!7. Love the look of the can...8. erm... erm...

9. Russian sausages10. Sausages and chopsticks11. Yes, this is how you eat a sausage. ;) *thumbs up*12. I think they saw superman flying by...13. We were sharing a long table14. George being funny15. Failed shot16. Finally got it! WOOT!

17. George is acting cute18. Cuter? 19. Walking strobist?20. Favorite of the night21. Feeling trippy22. Catch? or Catch 22?23. Catch!24. Cleaner shot25. ok, its actually throwing haha! 26. After throwing, catching we do magic! See how the Pepsi disappears???27. Surveyor shot by Alex28. Surveyor shot by Alex.29. Pepsi Pepsi Pepsi Pepsi30. Saya mau Pepsi!!So we kinda ended the night by around 11plus. I guess everything thought we were going crazy because we were making a lot of noise and was flashing everyone and everywhere. 

Enjoyable night, why so much Pepsi in the photos, well you see there was a competition... I'll talk about that later... maybe next week.



Note: Photos was taken with Nikon d300, 10.5mm, 17-55mm, 50mm with SB600, SB800, SB900 and some Canon speedlights (540ex, and 580ex ?).

the day before

Today started off with the noisy city coming to life early… and when the sun shine on my face, it was time to get up. After mucking about for abit finally got out of the hotel to see this

Smokes coming out of Maybank HQ, in Jalan Tun Perak. I was wondering why people were taking photos and pointing upwards when I was looking down at the streets from my window. Hmm.. the building was behind where my window was facing. Only when I went downstairs and looked up did I know what was going on. So, I too took a shot at it =D

It was only a drill. The people inside were at mamak driking coffee. =)

So after all the excitement early morning. We went down to Petaling street. People were just starting their day.

We actually wanted to eat some dim sum. But the famous dim sum shop was not open. So we went into the back alley, to Jalan Mardas and ate some yong tou fu and chee chiong fun.

Laksa (WM Style)Yong Tau Fufehmes roast duck=)Randomfehmes somethingtaste good!fehmes coffee stallsee? mom was so happy drinking her fehmes coffee=)

random street arttaking the rapidKL to Mid ValleyI’m such a tourist

After walking about in Mid Valley for a while decided to go makan lunch. We went to OHSushi. I have the some what entrance pic on my phone. Have not transfer it,maybe when I get back to home town. Probably because it was lunch time the place was packed. And we had to wait about 20 mins before we got our table.

picture and actual may differ, is disclaimer not printed!

green tea is good for health, they saylooked way nicer in their menu~this was goodthis was delicious! Sanma fish (サンマ / 秋刀魚)CNY Decor at Mid Valley

After that we left to go back to our hotel by KTM train and monorail.

train.. choo chooo!!!Back at the hotel, showered a bit then left for Sungei Wang area.. by foot! And because my sister was late I went off to Low Yatt Plaza to look for some stuff for a friend, and ended up getting myself some memory upgrades! Pics already taken, but I think will post some other time.

I was looking for the ATM and I called a friend where was the closest one, as it turns out he was also in Low Yatt Plaza. What a coincidence. He was there to buy power supply units for his office.

Hi Raywalking back via jalan alurWell that is it for now. Need to rest, the stupid 3g connection have delayed me posting and sleeping an hour earlier! I need to wake up early tomorrow!

Big day! Meeting Joe!


Escalators and Japanese Food in Brunei

Yesterday I took a road trip down to Brunei wth Irene, Cynthina, Roland and Daniel. Was suppose to go last trip but, I kinda forgot to bring my passport.

I was glad i made the trip. Thanks to Roland for driving us up. And keeping us safe~

After entering the border, we headed to Empire Hotel & Country Club for a looksie.

It was really big and really grand hotel. Here are some pics I took with my Nikon d300.

Marble Floor

View from the escalator. I think the glass wall is about 4 story high.

You have to take 3 escalators to reach the ground floor. >.<”

Riding the escalator~

Chairs without tables… hmm..

Me under the golden escalator~

Curved balconies in the building.

Guess what !

One of the suit buildings to the left of the lobby building~ very very nice from the outside.. I wonder how is it on the inside.. mmm

Roofing from one of the buildings near the beach.. nice honeycomb design..

Wouldnt you like to be like her… relaxing in a 5 star hotel by the pool side? Reading your fav book?

Or like him? enjoying a leasure swim in the pool on a hot day?

The other block of rooms to the right of the lobby.

View facing the blue seas… mmm… nice and relaxing ?

After mucking about for a bit, we went off from the hotel and went down to Gadong. Of course how can we leave without taking a group photo ?

Image taken from Irene’s FB account :) I think I’m loosing my neck…

After a short drive we arrived at Gadong. The last time I was there was probably two years ago. I did not know there was a super famous Japanese restaurant there called Excapade Sushi. I have been hearing about it for a while now. Only till yesterday was able to experience and understand what was the fuss all about.

Here are some shots, shot under AWB with my trusty Nikkor 17-55mm f2.8 lens.

I have no idea what was this…


Chicken… delicious ..

mmm~ salmon sushi… the picture does not do the dish justice!

Tuna Sushi~ slurp!!

Crazy ass party plate… $B50.00! Well worth the money!!!

Close up~

Trying to give a sense of perspective on the size of the party plate… its huge

HAHA! Still had time to do some CLS photography~ Check out the thickness of the salmon! Really fresh and delicious…

Not convinced? Let the pretty gal try to convince you la..

See, she was already licking her lips when see the piece of salmon!

How about the thickness? Maybe the next photos will give a better idea.

The Nokia n79 is 15mm thick… that piece of salmon is at least 10-13mm.


Here are some shots of the place

This leads to another block… more place to dine! Didnt take photos… shy ma.. :-P

Ops…. where did the meat go? Poor sushi!

After we had our fill of Japanese delicacies we headed to Bandar Seri Begawan.. Near Kampung Ayer…where we saw a lot of boats ferrying people to and fro to the Kampung Ayer.

The pictures below were taken with the classic Nikkor 80-200mm f2.8 lens

They were ferrying the locals as well as tourists for $B3.00 per person. Irene tried to nego a better deal, but couldnt. hehe! nice try Irene

Kinda like this shot. MmMMm…

Haha! check out Cynthina … so PRO..

So after kampung Ayer… we started our journey back to Miri.. along the way it started to rain heavily. And kind kind of rained till 8pm or so.. what a tiring day =) at 9 something I met up with Peter and went yumcha till about 1am.. I was beat.. went back to the hotel and slept like a log!

Oh and I’m posting this from Halo Cafe~ hehe thanks for the wifi.